There’s an app for that

By Tara Adamczyk, Contributing Writer

With the trend of smart phone apps sky rocketing, “There’s an app for that” is dropped on a daily basis. Either app designers are running out of ideas or they really thought an app for sex consent called “Yes Means Yes” was a genius idea.

The app seemed to be designed to override the “no means yes” argument in situations where one of the two involved is intoxicated. With this app you are to select if you are consenting to sex with someone and then you are to select the level at which you are intoxicated.

“It would have to be looked at in a case to case basis. I mean there are situations where the girl might try to start something and then calm it as rape. However, no means no regardless of if the person is intoxicated or not. The app in the end will essentially serve no purpose in court,” said Jacob Adamczyk, WLU criminal justice graduate.

Some of those accused of rape argue that she was intoxicated and her body was saying yes while her mouth was saying no. I’m sorry, my friend but that means it was rape. The court views rape as no meaning no, and while intoxicated it is also no because their was a factor involved changing the better judgment of the person. The no means no view also goes along with married couples and those who are sober.

Regardless of if you swipe yes on a smartphone app, the court will take in the law and what the situation was an call it rape based off of if the person was intoxicated or not. 

This app is only going to create problems with rape cases. Someone could break into the person’s phone they are trying to have sex with and put that they had their consent. Another problem could be someone taking an intoxicated persons figure and have them agree to the sex or they could just get in their phone and put that the person agreed to it. The court will take this into consideration and refuse to use the information on the app as evidence in court.

Personally, I feel like the idea of the app was created by a group of people who thought if they got a girl to agree on an app while she’s intoxicated that they would get away with it. In the long run the app was a stupid idea and cannot be used in court as evidence. The idea of the app could have come from trying to lower rape cases in American but it could just be creating more, because people will think in terms of “I got their consent on the app, this isn’t rape. I can’t go to jail for this”. The app needs to be removed from smartphone app stores to prevent rape from occurring more often.