Dr. Roger Seeber helps another Scare Fair in West Alexander

By Trevor Piccone, Contributing Writer
Halloween is a favorite for many as it gives everyone an opportunity to reveal their inner ghoul. From scary movies to creepy costumes, there is always something to fuel our love of Halloween, and what better way to get in the spirit than to go to a haunted house?
Now, most of the time these can be hard to find, whether it be because of distance or just overall absence of a good haunted trail. Luckily, West Liberty houses the solution to this problem in addition to Haunted Halls. Dr. Roger Seeber, Professor of Biology, is a part of the planning group for the Scare Fair at the West Alexander fair grounds. It is his fourth year participating at the event, and he had plenty to share about it.
Seeber explained that it started as a Bio Club fundraiser in Shaw Hall, utilizing rooms and restrooms as the perfect environment to scare students. Slowly over time, however, this project transferred to the fairgrounds as it expanded. What started as a haunted hallway is now a full blown three-building attraction.
With concessions full of hot dogs and hamburgers as well as new “escape rooms,” this project has seen major success with its highest number of attendance this past weekend. 
Now, one may wonder what exactly an “escape room” is. According to Seeber, these rooms have puzzles involving anything from words to pictures that, when solved within a certain time constraint, earn participants free entrance to the haunted attraction. 
“This year’s revolves around toys, so keep an eye out,” Seeber said, as a helpful hint to any brave enough to try.
Now, if that precursor isn’t enough to get fairgoers in the mood, Seeber also gave some insight on his favorite part of being involved in the operation. He said he loved to walk up to strangers and tell them a fun fact about the attraction as they wait for their turn. 
“You know, six girls have already peed themselves going through this,” he says with a smile to add to the ambience.
 To get in, it cost $15.00 for an adult and $10.00 for kids 18 and under, with all proceeds going to the fair and firemen of the area. To get a chance to see Seeber and his brigade of ghouls, make sure you head over while you can as it closes for the season after Oct. 28 and 29
For more information, they have a website as well as a Facebook page in case you want a sneak peek of the action. So if you’re looking for a way to get your scare on, go support the fair and firemen of West Alexander at the West Alexander Scare Fair.