Haunted Halls returns to campus

By Jessica Broverman, Contributing Writer

For the last four years, spooky events have been a tradition on West Liberty’s campus. This year, the Haunted Halls experience will be located in Rogers Hall and will take place on every floor of the building.

This year’s Haunted Halls experience will be held on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 from 7-10 p.m. 

This will be a two-night event beginning on the night of Halloween. Beta Hall Director Hannah Walters and Staff Member Luke Tacosik are two people that are overseeing the event and have attended every meeting for Haunted Halls.

“This year for Haunted Halls, we are not going with a theme. There will be a variety of different rooms and jump scares that will scare the pants off of people,” Walters said. Walters is a senior at WLU and says that this year is going to be like no other for All Hallows Eve.

“The RA’s are coming up with even scarier room ideas. We are trying not to do anything we did in the past and are also trying to use more props and really have the shock factor this year,” Walters said.

Campus Activities Coordinator Kate Billings explained who is involved and how this event becomes a reality every year.

“Haunted Halls is an area program within residence life. All of our freshman buildings (Beta, Krise and Curtis) are the core planners of the events, but they always love volunteers. The students started meeting about a month ago,” Billings said.

“They were throwing around the basics first, such as date and location,” Billings said. The RA’s discussed different themes, and approaches like, ‘do they want the entire hall to be themed, do they want the floors to tell different stories, and are those stories connected?’ There were very American Horror Story type of discussions.”

Once ideas get agreed upon, they go into action by getting the appropriate props, decorations, and volunteers.

To learn more about this spooky event, please contact staff member Luke Tacosik at [email protected] or Hannah Walters at [email protected]. You may also speak to Kate Billings at [email protected] for more information.