Spring semester brings new and returning activities to campus

By Morgan Goddard, Assistant Editor

As winter break comes to an end, not all students may be excited to head back to classes. Yet some of the greatest aspects of West Liberty University are all of the events and activities offered to students.

Campus Activities Coordinator Kate Billings gives the lowdown on what students can expect during the spring semester.

“For intramurals we thought we would try a pong game in the pool so we will get inner tubes and tie them together and have teams of two playing against each other,” Billings said. “We are also working to see if we can do a short soccer tournament on the football field when it gets nice out, but we just have not nailed down the dates. Volleyball is very popular. We do have an outdoor tournament. We would love to have it indoors once a week, so we are working to see if in next year’s budget we can buy portable stands to use in Blatnik. If we can get it done this semester we will definitely try!”

They will also continue to have intramural equipment such as basketballs, soccer balls, etc. available to sign out at all parts of the day for students to utilize.

Along with intramurals sports is the continuation of student-run fitness opportunities. Meredith Garner will be hosting Zumba every Monday night; Ashley Kirby will also be instructing a Cardio Boot Camp every Tuesday. Work continues on a new personal training program that launched last semester.

“More will be added once Campus Activities Board is back in session and comes up with a few more ideas. They had discussed a dinner theater type of event, comedian and a few other things,” Billings said. “But those will all depend on partnerships in order to make sure we have the money.  Student Government Association has spoken with me about them hosting a Build-A-Bear event or possibly a trip but that is up to them and their budget.”

However, there have been a few highlights that have been secured. There will be a Bingo
Ball and Bubble Soccer on Feb. 7 from the afternoon through the evening. One event will take place for half the time, and then the other will be set up afterwards.

The annual Health Fair hosted by Campus Activities and the Wellness Committee will be April 13. There will be tables of different information and activities. Some tables will include Athletic Training students testing your agility, Medical Lab Science students testing your blood, and an oxygen bar.

Spring Week, which is partnered with SGA, will be held as usual during dead week. Some events that have been determined include designing your own water bottles, a movie on the quad, and a rec day on the quad. There are also talks of a movie night at the pool.

Random Acts of Kindness Week is back on the calendar, now going into its fourth year at WLU.  West Lib Idol will also be back every Wednesday in February. 

As clubs and organizations come back, Billings plans on helping and working with groups to promote and plan events, such as the newly created Topper Den, Delta Theta Kappa’s Annual Turtle Races, and Beta Rho Epsilon’s Relay for Life among others.

So, as students can see, the spring semester is full of many exciting activities and events, with more to come!

To get involved in the Campus Activities Board, email Kate Billings at [email protected]. Also, follow the Trumpet Online and WL Activities on Twitter to stay up to date on events happening around campus.

Photos provided by Kate Billings and Daniel Morgan.