The Trumpet announces campus-wide photo contest; rules

By Trumpet Staff

In an effort to build The Trumpet’s stock photo library, we are offering a photography contest.

This event is open to any and all students who participate in Trumpet activities, such as writing, editing, producing original photography and/or artwork, posting on social media, generating story ideas, selling ads, and attending meetings.

Tammie Beagle, assistant professor of Journalism and Trumpet faculty adviser, said the contest has a couple of purposes.  “We decided to try to both build our photo library and spark interest in students who might not have considered becoming involved with the Trumpet before,” Beagle said.

The contest breaks down into two broad categories:  Action and Still Life.  Both still photography and videos (up to 15 seconds in length) are eligible in each category.  We will also consider original computer-generated images and artwork.

“Action” shots are those unplanned, unstaged moments that you catch in your camera.  Some examples:  sports plays, public speakers, sledding or skiing, downed trees – anything you don’t “pose” for the shot.  In other words, these are candid images. 

“Still Life” is almost everything else:  exterior buildings and grounds, head shots, stacks of books, artistic arrangements of objects, people doing standard generic WL things (eating in the Marketplace, studying in the Library, sitting in a classroom, etc).  In other words, these are posed and/or planned images.

All submissions are to be made via email to [email protected] with a subject line indicator that the attached jpeg is to be considered as a contest entry.  Submissions will be accepted now through midnight on Monday, March 20, 2017.  Winners will be announced on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

“This is a fun chance to get creative, explore the campus community, and get involved in a fun way, not to mention a chance to win some pretty nice gift cards,” said Daniel Morgan, Editor of The Trumpet. “There’s plenty of time to enter, and I hope my email gets flooded with images soon!”

“Photo selections vary from story to story,” said Jalyn Bolyard, Online Editor of the Trumpet. “This contest will help expand our photo gallery even more than we already have. Meeting some new faces will be fun, too!”

Judging the contest will be The Trumpet’s Editor, Online Editor, and Faculty Adviser.  Their decisions are final.  First and Second Places will be awarded in each category. Please keep in mind that all entries should be suitable for print/posting in The Trumpet or The Trumpet Online.

All entries received become the property of The Trumpet and may freely be used as such.  Submissions must be original photos or images, and any and all privacy releases and permissions are the sole obligations of the entrants. 

Photo credit: Daniel Morgan