Admissions office awaits student ambassador applications 

By Trevor Piccone, Contributing Writer
West Liberty University is very trusting in its students’ abilities. In fact, it trusts the students so much that they are used as a primary way to reach out to visiting families and schools. 
These students, known as student ambassadors, are representatives responsible for touring here at West Liberty, and they are what make the university stand apart from other schools. They are the faces of the campus that are able to reach out to prospective students on a personal level as they speak of their own experiences and display their knowledge of the school.
Applications for potential student ambassadors for the 2017-18 school year are being accepted through Feb. 20 at 4 p.m. to Brenda King and Ashley Kirby, the masterminds behind this ambassador program.
 It began in 2009 and is continually being improved on so that ambassadors are as prepared as possible as they interact with upcoming students. Recently, positions have opened up for student ambassadors, and King was able to give some advice for students interested. 
When asked what the most important aspect of a student they look for is, King said, “We’re looking for someone who loves West Liberty and wants to share their experiences.” She also noted that although there are no specific character qualities they look for, student ambassadors are typically outgoing with strong communication skills, which are almost vital. 
When asked of any horror stories related to tours, King replied that the only thing is when a family comes and they either don’t talk or make inappropriate jokes. This is when those communications really come in handy.
King described the student ambassadors as “One of our greatest assets,” which speaks bounds for them as students. After being hired for the position, Kirby is responsible for taking these students and training them. This training begins around the end of July, and through the process ambassadors are given tours, provided any information they could ever need, and are taught how to connect with students to enhance their experience. 
King noted that although the campus sells itself, the interaction between students is what really matters. Each student is paired with an ambassador specific to them so that they get the experience they need. There is no script for these tours, so these ambassadors have even more ability to not only give out fun facts, but experiences that wouldn’t ordinarily be highlighted. 
“I’m very proud of our student ambassadors and I think they do an excellent job,” King said, proving students are much more to this school than just a number. 
For more information on the application process, contact King or Kirby at [email protected] and [email protected].

Photo credit: Ashley Kirby