March is more than just St. Patrick’s Day

By Josh Smith, Contributing Writer

If you were to ask anyone what type of holidays there are in March, the only answer you would probably get would be St. Patrick’s Day. Yes, observing this religious holiday is important to do in remembrance of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. Although, many people do not celebrate it in a religious way (go figure).

The month of March is primarily recognized for this holiday on March 17, but there are many more interesting and fun “holidays” that are not celebrated as often. In this article, I will discuss some of the unique days that make the month of March just a tad more special.


March 1-7:

World Compliment Day – March 1

National Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss Day) – March 2

National Snack Day – March 4

Dentist’s Day – March 6




March 8-14:

International Women’s Day – March 8

Mario Day – March 10

Johnny Appleseed Day – March 11

National Napping Day – March 13

Pi Day – March 14




March 15-21:

Everything You Think is Wrong Day – March 15

Everything You Do is Right Day – March 16

National Awkward Moments Day – March 18

World Storytelling Day – March 20

National Flower Day – March 21



March 22-31:

World Water Day – March 22

Puppy Day – March 23

International Waffle Day – March 25

Respect Your Cat Day – March 28

National Doctors Day – March 30

Tater Day – March 31


I hope you enjoyed this short rendering of the many unique and fun holidays that the month of March has to offer. For more information on holidays in March or any other month, visit

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