Bingo surprises WLU with huge turnouts

By Zarek Wiley, Contributing Writer
Bingo has become one of the most popular school activities for West Liberty students over the past year. It is an age-old classic that people of all ages can play. Almost every event held in the Union has grown from the previous one. 
So what has sparked this renewed interest in bingo and why are students flocking to play? Student coordinator Emily Stephens said, “I began this event when I started here over a year ago. I wanted something that would be fun yet competitive for the students. I can’t believe the turnouts each time and am so happy to see this program flourish. I think the presents at Christmas were a nice touch for the students to have a mystery about what they could get.”
Indeed the prizes, ranging from shirts, candy, gift cards, TVs and even an Apple Watch for Christmas-themed bingo at Winterfest, sparked interest in many students. But that isn’t the only reason that students are attending bingo; student Dalton Kittle had this to say about his experiences attending Bingo, “I thought it would be a fun activity to try on campus. The prizes were a big draw for me, and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. I keep going because of how much fun I have playing with my friends and can’t wait for the next event.” 
The energy felt in the Union during bingo is palpable and alluring for students. Also, the ability for any student to participate makes bingo a great event for any group of friends looking for something to enjoy one evening. 
For anyone that has not attended a bingo event, I highly encourage them to check it out one night and bring a friend along. Keep an eye out on campus for news about the next bingo event!

Photo credit: Daniel Morgan