Boden, Croasmun to lead WLU’s Student Government

By Kendrick Jackson, Contributing Writer

Student Government Association elections have officially ended as newly-elected and returning members begin their terms for the 2017-2018 academic year. David “Reid” Boden takes the helm as SGA President for a second consecutive year, this time welcoming Adam Croasmun as his vice president. 
His first term was very successful, but Boden will not grow complacent. “Any respectable, open-minded leader realizes that, if given a second opportunity to lead, adjustments are always necessary and we always make mistakes,” Boden said. 
David Cullinan, the former Vice President of SGA, is graduating in December 2017 and couldn’t run for a second term. However, Boden found a candidate that demonstrates the same great leadership skills as Culling.
Croasmun, the former Director of Programming of SGA, will successfully succeed Cullinan as Vice President in the following year. “Adam Croasmun has the energy, intelligence, passion, and stamina to be an effective student body leader, and he will do great things in the role of the Vice-Presidency,” Boden said.
“I’m very excited and honored to be able to serve the students of West Liberty as Vice President of SGA,” Croasmun said. “President Reid Boden and I will work together very well because we both have such a passion for serving this university. I’m humbled and so excited for this journey with our SGA senate!”
Chelsea Williams will remain as SGA Secretary, but the Treasurer, Chief of Staff and Director of Programming Positions will be confirmed soon.  
During the voting process, SGA proposed two amendments, Amendment 9.04 and Amendment 4.01, and both passed with a 171 to 45 and 167 to 45 vote, respectively. 
Students can now serve on the executive board of Greek Council and SGA due to the approval of Amendment 4.01, and Amendment 9.01 states that one member from an organization must attend three SGA meetings and present at one meeting if their organization would like to receive funding from SGA. 
These are not the only changes the students of West Liberty University can expect to see next year, as WLU will offer two new Master’s programs in Clinical Psychology and Dental Hygiene. 
“Students will also be dining a bit differently than what they were used to this year, as we’ll be seeing an increase of Asian cuisine in The Marketplace, a campus convenient store that will be open until 11:00 p.m., and a change in Student Union food options as well,” Boden added.
Although various changes are forthcoming, there are still numerous concerns that students are voicing around campus. 
“I wish the administration would try to build up their current programs, rather than drop them and start completely new ones,” said a West Liberty student who wishes to remain anonymous. 
President Boden promises to be more vocal about students’ frustrations during his second term. “I promise that, until my final day in office, our Student Government will continue to reflect the immediate needs and concerns of the student body, and continue to play an active role in assisting to shape the future of West Liberty University,” Boden affirmed. 
Congratulations to the new and returning members of SGA, as the whole WLU community looks forward to the special plans SGA has for this campus in the upcoming year. 
Photo credit: Daniel Morgan