Peer mentoring, tutoring still available in LSDC

By Sean Kranske, Contributing Writer 
The Student and Learning Development Center (LSDC) has been a valuable resource for West Liberty University students since it opened, and it continues to grow. This semester, various labs have been offered for various subjects, as well as tutoring programs that many students have been able to take advantage of. Looking forward, West Liberty hopes to make the LSDC an even greater asset for students than it already is.
The LSDC is not currently planning on adding any new labs, but existing labs will continue. If there are any labs that students would like to have, there is always the possibility that new labs can be created. Director of the Learning and Student Development Center Bridgette Dawson said, “I would like to remind students that if anyone is struggling in a particular subject we can always add a lab. We did that this year with French and dental hygiene.”
Something that will be expanded next year is the peer mentoring program, led by Student Support Coordinator Elizabeth Richter. The peer mentoring program started this year, and it has proven to be popular with students. 
Dawson explained, “Peer mentoring is basically working with another student on a regular basis and learning different time management techniques and making sure students are staying on track with their studying. That is something we piloted this year with a group of students and is something that has been very well-received and something I think will expand in the future.”
Also, this year the LSDC has begun to send students text alerts. Dawson explains, “Students who sign up for tutoring appointments are able to also sign up for text alerts for those appointments. So, in addition to receiving e-mails they will receive text messages as well.” 
These alerts are sent to a student’s phone through TutorTrac, which is also used to set up appointments for tutoring. Students who sign up for tutoring sessions online can also sign up for the text service, which will remind students of their appointments as well as notify them if their appointment has been cancelled. 
For more information about the LSDC, contact Dawson at [email protected]
Photo credit: Daniel Morgan