Kesha on the rise with new music

By Trevor Piccone, Contributing Writer

Kesha Sebert, formerly known as Ke$ha, is a 30-year-old American singer who has made a career confronting the double standards of American society.

Her songs were all about going out, partying, and hooking up with guys which many found, “trashy,” with her debut in 2009. However, I believe her songs demonstrate how women are in fact socially unequal to men. Her songs regard men as rappers often regard women, and yet she is the one found problematic. Sebert is truly a progressive when it comes to inequality, yet a lot of her movements toward feminism seem to go misunderstood, however, they are present nonetheless.

In 2014, Sebert faced probably the hardest time of her life as she sued Dr. Luke, or Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald. She sued to void their contracts because she claimed he “sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally” abused her throughout their time as a recording artist and producer duo.

Sebert claimed that throughout their entire collaboration, Gottwald treated her as his personal puppet as he repeatedly threatened her with his power and money. The first hit of this suit for Sebert came when the New York judge denied her the ability to record new music during the case.  Then, the judge dismissed her abuse claims. Currently, there is still an ongoing defamation case that Gottwald filed against her.

Although this lead to a bout of depression and hopelessness, through this the star popularly known as Ke$ha, was able to channel herself and reinvent herself into simply, “Kesha.”

As of late, she has confirmed that she will be releasing a new album entitled, “Rainbow,” which features a freshly released single, “Praying.” It is quite obvious this song is much more than a soon to be hit. Just from one listen, you can hear the raw emotion and see that it is an extension of the feelings she has had since her signing with Gottwald.

The album is set to be released Aug. 11 and is currently available for preorder. This album will definitely be a must-listen, just from the released songs “Woman,” “Praying,” and “Learn to Let Go.” The album will be 14 songs long equaling about 48 minutes in length.

Although Sebert has faced many trials and tribulations throughout her career, it is apparent that she is no longer letting the past limit her, and will be able to fully bring herself back to the top where she belongs.