Dr. Greiner involved with students, WLU community

By Lindsay Dowdle, Contributing Writer

Dr. Stephen Greiner became president of West Liberty University in Jan. 2016. Since then, he has become very involved with the students, faculty and local community.

Greiner was a professor for about 20 years and was also a president at three different universities before coming to WLU. He was president of Hazard Community and Technical College, Brunswick Community College and Virginia Intermont College. President Greiner also earned his bachelor’s degree in education, a masters of public service, and a doctorate of education.

The students enjoy having president Greiner involved in campus life. Student Olivia Kilbane said, “My favorite memory of him was during homecoming when he was dancing in the back of a pickup truck and singing with a bunch of students before a football game. That was hilarious and proves that he’s a very down-to-earth, wonderful president of our university.”

Dr. Greiner with the final four contestants of West Lib Idol 2017

President Greiner loves to be engaged in the different organizations on campus. Student Meredith Garner said, “I think he’s a great president. He’s friendly, welcoming and easy to talk to. President Greiner is always open to working with students to help us succeed in any way.”

President Greiner’s main focus is on the students, faculty, and staff here at the hilltop. Brian Fencl, Department Chair of Journalism and Communication Studies, said, “When I speak to president Greiner, I am impressed with how much he knows about what is going on around campus.”

He tries his best to be involved in the life of the campus. Greiner said, “There is no greater joy in my day than being able to interact with students.” The president misses the interaction he had with students when he was a professor. Although his job keeps him busy, he still strives to maintain the communication he had with the students before becoming president.

“I always see him at different events that go on around campus,” said Garner. “I think it’s great to see a president who interacts with the students and faculty.”

Dr. Greiner with students during move in day last fall

President Greiner is most proud of the growth in the graduate program and also the enrollment increase. Greiner said, “I will probably not be fully satisfied until years from now in terms of accomplishments.”

Greiner has enjoyed getting to know the faculty and students here on campus, and  is looking forward to another year up here on the hilltop. He will continue to make improvements to the university along with supporting the campus life and organizations on campus.

For more information, feel free to check out his Trumpet Solo or contact President Greiner at [email protected].