Culture Fair gives students a chance to expand horizons

By Jerrad McNeil, Contributing Writer
The Culture Fair is an upcoming event slated to be held today, Monday, Sept. 11. This event is looking to help students at West Liberty indulge themselves in the different cultures that our own international students come from. 

The fair will be held in the College Union ballroom from 11-1 p.m., so students can spend some time at lunch visiting the different countries being represented.
There will be 10-15 countries represented and the students will prepare trifolds about their respective countries. 
The students will also have various items from their country on display and some students may even dress in their traditional clothes. 
“I am hoping our American students can learn about some of these countries first hand from our international students and not by Facebook gossip or through a political lens,” said Heather Kalb, Coordinator of International Student Activities and Recruiting. 
She has also invited elementary students to visit, but unfortunately, they cannot attend this year. Kalb may reach out to some middle schools, but it is not known if they will as it is a long commute for most K-12 students for only just a short time in the afternoon.
Be sure to drop by the festival to diversify your cultural knowledge and to get to know some of our fascinating student body as well. 
Photo provided by Heather Kalb