WLU presents students with job opportunities

 By Josh Smith, Contributing Writer
During the semester, finding time to balance school work, friendship and time to relax can be somewhat difficult. 
It is easier said than done, but trying to work alongside that makes it even harder. West Liberty University, however, offers many jobs to students that are flexible with schedules. 

With the various departments and places to eat on campus, the need for many dependable workers is extremely high. 
From Housing and Student Life to Sodexo, there are many jobs in multiple fields that allow students to work on campus, rather than working a job off the hilltop. 
“Being able to work on campus has been a blessing,” said Sean Kranske, a student maintenance worker. “I have worked on campus since my freshman year, and I have gained a ton of hands-on experience that will definitely help me in the future.” 
For the fall semester, more than 45 job opportunities are posted for interested students. Jobs are offered in these areas, but are not limited to: Admissions, Enrollment Services, Housing and Student Life, Institutional Advancement, Maintenance, Learning and Student Development, Sodexo and various Topper sports teams. 
“All of the student job postings are listed on the HR website,” said Sue Garrison, WLU Human Resources Assistant. “New job postings are added often and students are encouraged to check the website for these updates.”
“I definitely would recommend that students search for jobs on campus,” said Kranske. “It really makes the college experience much more exciting.” 
To learn more about job opportunities on campus, visit the human resources tab on WLU’s website or visit this website.
Photo credit: Josh Smith