Graphic Design rebranded as Visual Communication Design

By Taylor Long, Contributing Writer 

The Graphic Design major has a brand new name. Instead of Graphic Design, it will now be known as Visual Communication Design.

Professor James Haizlett is in charge of the program and gave some insight to the new name. Haizlett said, “Visual Communication Design is a more descriptive title for the content that we have been teaching for the past several years. Our students are being trained to do much more than just make pretty pictures. They are critical thinkers and problem-solvers whose primary form of communicating is visual.”

There are a few things that will be changing in the program. Haizlett said, “The emphasis changes a bit. Our students will still be mastering artistic techniques and software that compete on a professional level, that will never change. However, we will continue to push the notion that our students are fundamentally great thinkers who have an arsenal of visual skills to tell effective stories for their clients.”

Haizlett believes that Visual Communication Design is more forward thinking and an accurate representation of what the students are being trained to do, especially when it comes to adapting to changes.

“A huge part of the equation begins with grounding our students in the timeless fundamentals of design and art. That is essential. Art and technology have been dancing together for ages,” said Haizlett.

The department has big plans for the major and they can’t wait to see how it will pan out. If interested in Visual Communication Design, please contact Haizlett at [email protected].

Photo provided by Samantha Wilson