Community University gears up for another year

By Taylor Long, Contributing Writer

West Liberty offers the Community University for many learning opportunities to people 55 and older.

Executive Director of Alumni and Community Relations, Ron Witt, said, “We have new classes every semester. This fall we have 15 presenters, but a few of them are offering more than one class. So, there are actually 22 separate courses that a participant could attend this semester. Most of the courses are held at the WLU Highlands Center, but we do have a few tours that are on location, such as The Capitol Theater, Schrader Environmental Education Center and our new WLU Downtown Center. We always try to offer courses on a wide variety of topics that would be appealing to an audience of people who are age 55 and older. Some topics include: gardening, history, financial planning, self-improvement and more.”

The classes started on Sept. 27 and had a good turn out. Witt had some insight for the more popular classes that are offered.

“They generally enjoy the local history classes. Last semester, we offered a downtown walking tour to commemorate the 240th anniversary of the First Siege of Ft. Henry. Two local historic reenactors guided the tour and dressed in period costume. It was interactive and they thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience,” said Witt. “This semester there seems to be a lot of interest in the very last class, ‘What’s in a Brain?’ Assistant professor of psychology Tifani Fletcher will explore the basic anatomy of the brain and students will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on sheep brain dissection.”

Witt also had this to say about The Community University, “It is designed for like minded adults who are interested in the shear joy of learning. The courses are taught by volunteers and the programs are shaped by request. This is a great opportunity to extend West Liberty University into the community.”

The cost of tuition is $25 and that entitles a person to enroll in as many classes as they wish. For more information and a list of classes, check out its website, or contact Ron Witt at 304-336-8844 or [email protected].

Photo provided by Ron Witt.