WLU Connect helps alumni stay in touch

By Josh Smith, Contributing Writer
After graduating from college, your new life starts to begin. From starting a career to starting a family, keeping in touch with your college friends can be quite hard. Luckily, West Liberty University has allowed alumni to rekindle and re-connect with former graduates and expand their professional network with their newest social platform, WLU Connect

WLU Connect is the university’s first social network that is directed toward former Hilltoppers. Acting like any other social networking site, WLU Connect offers members the unique opportunity to re-connect with former classmates and stay up-to-date with news and events at WLU. But, WLU Connect does so much more. 
“Not only have I been able to keep in touch with news on campus, I’ve been able to expand my professional network as well,” said Morgan Campbell, a spring 2017 graduate. “It’s allowed me to gain relationships with other alumni that graduated with the same degree.” 
WLU Connect offers the opportunity for recent graduates or other alumni to ask for mentorship from any other member, particularly ones in their prospective field. The mentorship ability allows members to seek advice from others who were once in their shoes. 
“It’s nice to hear from other alums who entered my field,” said Campbell. “It reminds me that I am glad I chose the field I am in.” 
WLU Connect serves as a job board, as well, for alumni searching for employment or employers looking for workers. Internship opportunities and job openings are frequently posted, allowing members to possibly expand their professional careers. 
Starting your new life after West Liberty University is not always easy, and you may lose contact with former friends, colleagues and news from your time in college. WLU Connect, however, allows you to advance, expand, give back and re-connect in ways not thought possible. 
For more information about WLU Connect, you can contact Ron Witt at [email protected] or visit the website
Screenshot from wluconnect.com