Shotwell possesses this year’s Haunted Halls

By Ana Berbel, Distribution Manager
With Halloween approaching quickly, one of the most awaited events is coming back to the hilltop. 
This year, Haunted Halls is going to be held in the oldest building on campus, Shotwell Hall. The event will take place on Monday, Oct. 30 and Tuesday, Oct. 31 from 7:30-10:30 p.m.

“This will be the fifth year of Haunted Halls. This started back when I first became an RA and it was held in the basement in Krise Hall. So, it is pretty neat that this event has become a tradition which I can help continue on as a professional staff member,” said Luke Tacosik, Area Coordinator, who is in charge of the event this year. 
“Participating in the making of Haunted Halls this year we have the resident assistants of Krise, Beta, Curtis and Bonar,” said Tacosik, “as well as a few other central staff members of Housing and Student Life that will be participating. So, we are roughly looking at nearly 45 individuals total that will be involved with the event.”
During past years, the RAs, who are really the ones that decorate the buildings, have had themes given to them. Tacosik explains that this year, housing has decided to assign rooms and let the RAs come up with their own ideas, hoping it will help foster the creativity in them.
“This is my first year doing Haunted Halls with the housing department and I am setting up a room for the tours. I think the students are going to love it. We have been planning for this event for about two months now and we are going to bring our A-game this year,” said Boyd Walker, RA in Bonar Hall.
“The students should expect a quality event on a limited budget, which we pride ourselves on. Nearly 400 residents will show up to the two-night event. The tour groups will be limited to 5 or less and no flashlights will be permitted once entering the building,” added Tacosik. “Shotwell has three floors and a basement and we plan to use every floor and as many rooms as possible. The building itself is creepy to walk-through at night, so I can only imagine what it will be like when we finally open the doors.”
In addition, this year the Harry Potter Club will be collaborating with the housing office to make the long lines a bit more enjoyable. 
Students will register through groups and then they will be free be to walk around the quad playing games, winning prizes and eating plenty of free food until their turn comes up.
For more information about Haunted Halls, contact Luke Tacosik at [email protected] 
Photo credit: Jalyn Bolyard