Photography club hopes to focus on campus life

By Walker Polivka, Contributing Writer
Clubs and organizations help keep our minds busy and give us a much-needed break from worrying about our class studies. This year, for the Photography Club, they are just trying to get their club off the ground.

It all started with an idea. Student Lindsay Dowdle wanted to start a club on campus dedicated exclusively to photography. Not knowing what all it would entail, she did research, carefully planned, and got the ball rolling. Her first step was finding a faculty adviser. 
Enter Sarah Davis, Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design. Davis teaches a photography course in addition to graphic design courses, so she knew that she would be able to help the club in numerous ways. 
Davis said, “Lindsay and I discussed how many students on campus had expressed interest in a Photography Club. I have always been impressed at how many different types of majors are represented in my Photography I course, so I thought it would be wonderful to bring that same mentality to a Photography Club.”
The club may be in its beginning stages, but it has long-term goals. “I would eventually like the club to take pictures around campus, maybe for campus activities, football games, and for clubs and organizations,” said Dowdle.  
“We have been bouncing around a number of ideas,” said Davis, “including hosting a photography exhibition or perhaps an exhibition paired with a silent auction to raise funds for the club or a local charity.” 
Dowdle has already been thinking about some fundraiser ideas. She said, “We will be raffling a basket later this semester and whoever wins the basket will win our services. We will take photographs at up to two events hosted by the club that wins our basket. We must have two weeks notice though before we can confirm to your event.”
The Photography Club is going to operate very openly and is taking any help it can get. “I am currently the president,” said Dowdle, “but my goals are to name two other co-presidents and to set up an executive board.” 
Davis said, “We are always open to suggestions from club members and the campus community.” 
“The new club is really interested in both helping the college campus and clubs while also letting students explore a popular medium. Everyone is welcome to attend,” said Campus Activities Coordinator Kate Billings. 
The Photography Club is already off to a steady start  enrollment-wise. There are currently eight  members in the club. 
There are no monthly dues or membership fees to join the club. No experience is needed to join. 
“We encourage individuals of different skill levels to learn and work with each other in a collaborative atmosphere,” said Dowdle. “If we gain many students without any knowledge in photography, then we would hold an informal workshop to teach students about photography.”
Like any club, the Photography Club will have a social media presence. The club is already on FacebookInstagramand on Twitter.
Meetings will be held once a month on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. in either the Alumni Room or the Mac Lab, depending on the nature of the meeting. 
If you have any questions or would like to join the club, please reach out to club President Lindsay Dowdle at [email protected], faculty advisor Sarah Davis at [email protected], or to the club itself at [email protected] 
Photo provided by Lindsay Dowdle