Hilltop Players’ one-act plays entertain audiences

By Hanna Perry, Contributing Writer 

On Oct. 26, 27, and 28 at 7:30 p.m. and on Oct. 29 at 3 p.m., the West Liberty University Hilltop Players presented five short one act plays. The production was directed by John Hennen and it took place in the chapel.

The plays that were performed were “Montage” by Caitlyn Moore, “Sure Thing” by David Ives, “In the Beginning” by Bruce Kane, “The Philadelphia” by David Ives, and “The Unwanted” by Walter Wykes.

“Montage” was performed by Grant Vancamp, Destiny Walsh, Daniel White, Anthony Hood, Autumn Carver, Jessica Roth, Hayden Heiserman, Ben Moore, and Alex Gordon.

“Sure Thing” was performed by Grant Vancamp and Destiny Walsh and it was a play about two people meeting for the first time in a café.

“In The Beginning” was performed by Daniel White, Autumn Carver, and Anthony Hood.

“The Philadelphia” was performed by Jessica Roth, Hayden Heiserman, and Ben Moore.

“The Unwanted” was performed by Autumn Carver, Destiny Walsh, and Alex Gordon.

The plays that were performed were really hilarious. My favorite play was “In The Beginning,” because it told the story of Adam and Eve in a really unique way. Autumn Carver played Eve and she portrayed the character very well; she had a lot of facial expressions throughout the entire play. The character of Adam was portrayed by Anthony Hood and his portrayal of the character was really funny and amusing because Adam was a really dumb character and Eve was the smart character.

Throughout the play, they are bothered by the Serpent, who was played by Daniel White, and he portrayed the character really well. I was laughing throughout most of the play because of the unique story and because the actors’ portrayals of the characters were really hilarious.

The production as an entirety was really hilarious and entertaining because not only were the actors funny, but the audience was actually laughing at all of the jokes the actors told in the show. The actors all controlled their emotions and they all had their lines memorized.

If the West Liberty Hilltop Players ever performed a night of one act plays again, I would go see it because I really enjoyed all of the plays and the actors who performed in them fit the roles they played perfectly. The entire cast was entertaining and the show was a really awesome experience to watch because the actors were able to have fun when they were onstage, which allowed the audience to enjoy the show more.

I really liked watching all of the plays and I hope that the rest of the Hilltop Players productions are just as good as “A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That.”

If I ever get the chance to see something like this again, I definitely would go because the production was both phenomenal and unforgettable.

Illustration by Mimi Albon