Donation makes indoor facility possible for WLU

By Sammie Stewart, Contributing Writer
On Oct. 25, Belmont Savings Bank donated $200,000 to West Liberty University to build a new indoor practice facility for the baseball and softball teams.

Currently, both the softball and baseball teams practice in the Blatnik Hall gym and in the ASRC; however, the teams cannot practice as much as they would like to in the ASRC since it limits the hours.
Construction has not started yet, but according to President Dr. Stephen Greiner, the facility will start being built in about two weeks and it should be finished within the next few months. The facility will be located in Beta Hall’s parking lot, by the softball field.
According to softball player Charley Troggio, the softball team is very excited for this new facility.
“I think this facility will impact our softball team greatly. The facility is a great recruiting tool and shows everyone the commitment West Liberty Softball has to being a top tier contender in the MEC,” said Troggio. “I am personality excited to be able to use the facility, and even more excited for those who will be utilizing it after this year’s group of seniors graduate.”
 Troggio also stated that she is looking forward to having an area for open pitching, and she can’t wait to work with the new catchers and pitchers throughout the upcoming season.
Not only are the softball and baseball teams both really excited for the new practice facility, but so is President Greiner.
“We greatly appreciate the generous donation of Belmont Savings Bank to help fund the indoor practice facility.  I believe this is the beginning of a wonderful new partnership,” said Greiner.
The goal for this facility is clear. “Currently, Blatnik Gym is heavily used by athletics during the year with limited time available for student recreation,” said Greiner. “The indoor practice facility will enable Blatnik Gym to be used more for student recreation and other student services programs and events while athletic teams will have an alternate facility for indoor practice.”
Photo credit: Cody Shook