Throwing a New Year’s Eve party

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

New Year’s Eve is notorious for fireworks, resolutions, and getting together with friends to ring in every New Year properly. Many of us want to go out, have a great time and celebrate this occasion without a hitch. However, many people in college are underage and can’t get into many of the popular places to celebrate this nationwide party. The next best thing is to throw a New Year’s Eve party.

One of the important aspects of throwing a New Year’s Eve party is to remember that there is in fact a theme. New Year’s Eve is also National Champagne Day and you can take part in that by having some sparkling cider that comes in all kinds of assorted flavors. So in addition to having the right decorations for your party, remember that the right palate is also needed.

Given that New Year’s Eve can go on into the early hours of the morning, serving a full on meal is not necessary whatsoever. You should, however, serve some horderves. Whether you serve pigs in a blanket or something with more finesse like pate, your party goers are sure to appreciate a little snack throughout the late evening. If you do want a little to offer your guests, but don’t want the stress of cooking up a large selection you can always ask your friends to help out. Let everyone you know that you would appreciate them bringing a little something to the party whether it being some brownies, salsa with chips, and so on. With this little tip in mind, there will be more than enough food to go around for the night.

To make the party even less stressful for you, make small changes to make the heavy load of being a host a little lighter. Instead of bringing out all of your glass cups and plates, purchase some good quality cups, plates, and silverware. This will make your clean up the next day fly by with little effort. To also help you on clean up duty, put one or two garbage cans in the main party area. If you decide to use one from around your house instead of purchasing one, be sure to clean it up a bit and to place it strategically in the party space; within eyes view so that people will know to use it, but not so much that it ruins the décor.

The final and most important thing to remember for your New Year’s Eve party is to enjoy the moment when the ball drops. Yes, you should enjoy every moment of your shindig, but right before the clock strikes mid-night that will be your last memory of the year. Make sure it’s a special moment that you are glad you will never forget.