How to stay sane during finals week

By Ana Berbel, Distribution Manager
Finals weeks can be very stressful for students if they do not know how to approach it in a sane way. Everyone is focused on studying for exams and finishing projects, but unlike what one might think, studying non-stop is not the most productive way to prepare. Here are some tips on how to stay sane during finals, to make the best out of it.

First, don’t forget to sleep. Good sleeping habits is something that most college students don’t have. Throughout the semester, students can afford going to bed late and going through their day with very little sleep. When students get to dead week and finals week, getting a decent amount of sleep is very important since it gives you the energy you need to stay focused when studying and taking exams.
Another way students can stay sane is to make time for exercise. During finals week, students tend to be inside most of the time. Making time to go outside and exercise for a while can help clear your mind, even it is just taking a short walk. 
“A light workout before studying may help to increase oxygen levels in your brain, which a 2002 research study published in ‘Anesthesiology’ explains is associated with improved cognition,” according to
Also, don’t procrastinate. Instead, students should utilize time and make a schedule. Organizing the time that students have is a key element that can help them stay sane during finals. If students know exactly when and what they are supposed to be working on, then they know they are not forgetting anything. By having everything organized instead of just a big pile of work and studying, students will be motivated to get started since it won’t seem like it is that much work.
Eating healthy during finals weeks can give students the extra energy that they need to ace the exams. It is also important to not skip any meals. Being hungry takes away from concentrating on studying. To contribute to this, WLU’s marketplace is having a Late-Night Breakfast on Monday, Dec. 4, starting at 11 p.m.
Minimizing distractions is another way to stay sane during finals. Apart from taking away time from studying, it can also increase stress. Most of the time students are studying, they are on computers and that can make it hard to stay away from distractions. 
Luckily, there are apps to help students. “Self Control allows you to block certain websites, like Facebook and Twitter, for a period of time; until that time is up, there’s absolutely no way to access websites on your block list, even if you close the application or restart your computer,” according to
Following these tips can help students stay sane and focus during finals week.