Waterparks band releases beautiful, touching single

By Sammie Stewart, Contributing Writer 

A few days ago, pop punk band Waterparks dropped a new single from their upcoming album, Entertainment. This song is titled Lucky People, and one of the first things I noticed about this song is how beautiful it is. It instantly caught my attention after the first listen.

This is an acoustic song, which is something Waterparks doesn’t do very often.

While listening to it, this song is obviously a love song. However, due to the lead singer’s recent breakup with his long-time girlfriend, the song has been given a different meaning by both songs and the band.

The music video itself depicts Awsten Knight, the lead singer, walking around a city with Christmas lights tangled around him. During the whole music video, Knight is alone and looks very upset.

Some theories have been made about the music video. My personal favorite is that the Christmas lights represent all of the problems Knight has gone through in his past relationship. The more you try to just walk away from your problems, the more they will get “tangled up.” The lights are also flickering throughout the music video, which can represent an on-and-off relationship.

This is a very beautiful song that has turned into something so depressing. As far as singles go, I think Lucky People is my favorite one so far. The meaning behind it is so powerful, and the music video is very interesting.

I’m a sucker for conspiracy theories too, so it’s fun to theorize about what the music video does really mean.

Waterparks’ sophomore album, Entertainment, comes out on Jan. 26. Preorders for the album are available now on their website

Photo from “Lucky People” music video. Rights belong to Waterparks and Equal Vision Studios.