Campus ready to rock at West Lib Idol next week

By Jalyn Bolyard, Online Editor
Campus favorite West Lib Idol is back again this year. The month-long event will kick off next Wednesday, Feb. 7 in the Student Union ballroom at 7 p.m. There will be four rounds, one held every Wednesday. 

Any student interested in competing must be able to attend all nights. Students are suggested to reach out to the Housing Office before the event, but walk-ins will also be accepted on the first night. 
“Anyone wanting to try out should chase their dreams and put all the nerves aside, because it is such a fun experience and opportunity,” said Emilie Wesney, 2017 West Lib Idol winner. “Some advice for those who do tryout: sing with everything you’ve got, don’t hold back, show everyone your talent and be proud of yourself.”
In previous years, West Lib Idol was approximately two hours long. This year, a big goal for the event is to be more interactive with the audience, so it may stretch to two and a half hours long. Some ideas for the event include a blind date game on Valentine’s Day or Minute to Win It games inspired by the Winter Olympics
“Regardless of what we do, our intentions are to do more for the 250 plus students who come out each week,” said Luke Tacosik, Coordinator for Staff Development and Housing Operations. 
Resident Assistants of Krise, Bonar, Curtis and Beta Halls are already hard at work preparing for the event. They retrieve donations from local businesses, help run the event, set up the tables and brainstorm ideas, according to Tacosik.
Voting will be similar to past years’ Idol. “We try our very best from allowing West Lib Idol to turn into solely a popularity contest. But at the same time, we also want the students to come out to support their favorite contestant,” Tacosik said. Students will likely be able to vote during one week of the competition, while the judges will vote for the rest. 
Usually, four returning judges and one guest judge overlook the competition each week. Not all judges have been confirmed yet for this year. But, keep an eye out for admissions counselor Travis Hinkle, Executive Director of Housing and Student Life Marcella Snyder, and Campus Activities Director/Title IX Director Kate Billings to make an appearance. 
If any staff or faculty members wish to help judge, please contact Tacosik at [email protected] 
For more information on West Lib Idol, be sure to follow WLActivities on Twitter and Instagram, and West Lib Idol’s Twitter
Also, The Trumpet will once again be live-streaming the competition on Facebook! Make sure to like The Trumpet’s page on Facebook to get notified and stay informed on West Lib Idol streams. Recaps of the competition will also be available on the Trumpet Online following each round.
“I am so excited to see and hear all the contestants this year,” said Wesney, “and I wish the best of luck to all of them.”
Photo Credit: Emily Salvatori