How to handle cold weather, harsh road conditions

By Sean Kranske, Contributing Writer
Late in the spring semester, West Liberty students are blessed with some of the greatest weather of the year. The trips across the quad to all of the on-campus classes and events feels like a short walk. However, during the earliest parts of the spring semester, these walks can feel more like miserable journeys. To properly prepare for the often harsh January and February weather on the hilltop, there are certain precautions that students can take to make the cold less inconvenient.

West Liberty University student and Krise Hall Resident Assistant Emily Stephens suggests that students properly prepare for their day early. 
“Even if the day is supposed to warm up later, if it’s cold in the morning students should still make sure to take a coat, warm pants and shoes, and gloves,” Stephens said. Even if students are worried about having to carry their coat to class once the temperature rises, the warmer clothing in the morning will make the morning trek more bearable.
Besides the cold, students should also keep an eye out for the snow. The roads around campus are notoriously difficult to traverse in winter weather. Oftentimes, when the roads become too treacherous, classes are delayed or cancelled. However, this doesn’t mean that all of the roads are completely safe. 
“Commuters should be extra careful when driving to campus. It’s a good idea to leave early and drive slower than normal,” Stephens said. 
This also applies to the on-campus roads. While the maintenance department does have their own salt truck and plow, the roads can still be a little slick if taken too fast. While students should never go beyond the 15 mph speed limit, during the winter they should maybe take it even a little slower around turns.
The winter weather is a notable obstacle here at West Liberty, but every obstacle is equipped with a silver lining. For the wintertime West Liberty student, delays and cancellations are often that silver lining. While it’s great to have the occasional excused day off, students don’t have to necessarily take them as days off. 
“During delays, students could use their time to catch up on schoolwork, or even get a little ahead,” Stephens said. While delays can be a great thing, students could use the rough winter weather to their advantage.
Winter can be a rough time for West Liberty students, but if the proper precautions are taken, students can make the early spring semester just as productive as the fall.
Photo Credit: Jalyn Bolyard