WLU offers exciting study abroad programs for summer 2018

By Ana Berbel, Distribution Manager

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It provides a cultural knowledge of the world that you can’t get anywhere else, and it also expands your experience beyond the classroom. West Liberty University has been offering study abroad programs for a few years. Although they can be a bit pricey, students are encouraged to take on the adventure.

During previous years, trips to places like Germany, France, Costa Rica and Poland have been organized. This year, there are trips to Thailand and Germany.

The trip to Thailand is being organized by the Gary E. West College of Business but it is open to students across campus. It will be worth three credit hours that students can substitute for an elective or for International Business.

“Asia is an extraordinary area. Thailand arguably is the hub of commerce in that region. From a business perspective it made perfect sense. From a logistical perspective, it allowed you to, if necessary travel to a number of other countries that are in close proximity, giving the students a flavor for the entire region,” explained Professor of Entrepreneurship Rickard Briggs, who is in charge of the trip. “I totally recommend going on the trip. Individuals who are exposed to a global environment are much more apt to accept and work with people from all around the world.”

The trip costs $3,325 dollars and will go for two weeks, from June 24 until July 9. Students will arrive in Bangkok, Thailand and will spend several days there before traveling to Chiang Mai. There is a minimum requirement of five students and the cap is ten. As of this article’s submission, there are six more spots available.

According to Briggs, the long-term goal is to integrate a working relationship with schools in Asia for continuous study abroad programs. To sign up for the trip or for more information, contact Rickard Briggs at [email protected].

In addition, West Liberty University has recently created a partnership with the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg, and therefore, has organized a study abroad trip to the German university this summer.

Students will travel to world cultural heritage cities in Germany, attend an authentic German Bakery baking session and learn more about German education by visiting a Waldkindergarten (forest kindergarten).

It was definitely one of my favorite things that I have ever done,” said Ramsay Core, who went on the trip to Germany two years ago. “We toured many different castles, schools, and attractions. There were a couple of really cool festivals going on while we were there. Seeing the forest kindergarten was very interesting. It is not something that you will find in many places.”

The trip will take place from July 11 until July 25 and is open to all students. The program fee, which does not cover airfare costs, is of $1,890 dollars.

In order to sign up for the trip, the application, which is available here, and a $600 dollar deposit have to be turned in by March 1. To learn more about the program, you can contact Miriam Douglas at [email protected]