SGA fills empty senate seats, discusses student input

By Natasha Muhametzyanova, Contributing Writer
The spring semester might have started only a few weeks ago, but WLU’s Student Government Association (SGA) has already created a plan to increase student involvement.

SGA started the year by approving four new members for the Student Senate. Bryan Congo, Hunter Norris, Samantha Force and Emily Bender filled the seats that were vacant after the fall 2017 semester ended.
“Hunter and Bryan both ran in the fall elections and were very close to getting a seat,” said SGA President Adam Croasmun. “They all are actively involved students at WLU.”  
In 2018, SGA decided to focus on its constitution and policies to make sure all WLU students are represented. As a result, Student Senate voted for a new amendment which, if approved by the student-body, will bring many changes to the current SGA structure.
If passed, the new amendment would allow all WLU graduate students to run for any SGA position. Previously, only one graduate student representative position was available.
The amendment would also eliminate positions that the senate deemed obsolete, such as a housing representative position. Instead, the Student Senate will consist of 24 Senators-at-Large with three extra seats remaining for Greek life, international students and veteran representatives.
WLU students will be informed in advance via email about the details of the amendment and voting procedures.
“As the SGA Executive Board, we constantly try our best to find new ways to improve our campus life,” Croasmun said, “and my job is to work on behalf of the Hilltoppers. So we are working really hard this semester.”
SGA also put student feedback to the forefront when planning events for this semester. After many suggestions from students, Spring Fling 2018 will be held off-campus at River City in Wheeling.
Last year’s student-favorite event, the New York City trip, will return on April 6-8. Details about the trip and ticket sales will be announced soon.
“I’m very excited for this semester because we have the New York City trip in the works again and so much more,” SGA Secretary Chelsea Williams said.
Croasmun emphasized that SGA doors are always open to students, and any feedback and ideas are appreciated. “Contact us if you need anything! We are your Student Government,” Croasmun said.
Students can help SGA in an official position, as independents constituents or as representatives of an on-campus organization. Any full-time undergraduate student can run for a Senate position.
“When I just came to West Lib, I wasn’t familiar with SGA. It was very new to me. But I knew I could learn a lot from the student government about event planning, budgeting and leadership. So I joined,” said student senator Yijing Shen. “SGA made me realize that together, we can help make our campus better.”      
Photo provided by Chelsea Williams