Campus looks forward to future construction projects

By Sean Kranske, Contributing Writer
Over the past year, West Liberty University has finished multiple projects that improved campus. Last semester, students saw the renovation and reopening of Boyd and Rogers Hall, as well as the construction of a new firepit on the quad. This semester, West Liberty has begun constructing a new soccer and track facility and has already begun making plans for summer projects.

The new soccer and track facility is being built where the old faculty houses were removed last semester. Director of Maintenance Joe Mills explained, “The soccer and track facility is underway where the houses were right below the baseball field. With the addition of men’s soccer, we are building a turf soccer field with an eight-lane track surrounding it.”
Because this is such a major project, it is going to take some time to be ready and it will not all be done at once. “The project is being built in phases. The first will be the track and field itself, the second may include lighting and the completion of parking and roads, and the final phase will include a field house,” Mills said. The first phase of this project is expected to be completed during the summer, but there is no set completion date for the second and third phases.
In addition to the new soccer field, there are also plans for improvements in other areas of campus as well. 
Many of these improvements may not come during this semester, but during the summer when the maintenance department has the time and resources to complete larger projects.
“During the summer, we will be doing some improvements to the exterior of the student union, painting and restroom repairs for the second floor of Rogers Hall, as well as general repairs and upgrades to the residence halls and classrooms,” Mills said.
These are all planned projects, but the finer details of them have not yet been worked out. However, students can still look forward to seeing improvements and additions to campus in the near future.
Photo Credit: Jalyn Bolyard