Equality Alliance club promotes tolerance on campus

By Ana Berbel, Assistant Editor
Every semester, students have the chance to get involved or begin new clubs and organizations on campus. This spring, students have the chance to join Equality Alliance, a student organization aimed at equality through educating people about the importance of tolerance and acceptance of minorities. 

The new organization also focuses on helping minorities around campus connect and be treated equally. 
“The Equality Alliance wasn’t an idea, in a sense. I simply looked around campus and saw what needed to change and started working. We are all humans, it’s easy to see when people don’t treat each other like fellow humans,” explained president of the club Andrew Mehler. “We hope to not only become the spearhead of a movement, but also inspire others to create more clubs on campus.”
The club’s goal this semester is to recruit as many students as they can so that they can start planning activities.
Right now, they have scheduled a candied popcorn fundraiser in March and a drag queen bingo in April. 
Currently, there are 25 students who participate with the organization and everyone is welcome to join. 
When Equality Alliance held their first meeting, they discussed their future plans and ideas to reach out and pair with other organizations. Their meetings are every Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Fine Arts Building in room 206. 
“Students can simply show up to our meetings! But we would love to have some people who are interested in helping create more organizations for minorities and the outcasts of campus,” explained Mehler. 
For more information, contact Equality Alliance by email at [email protected] The organization also has a Facebook page
Logo created by Andrew Mehler