Nutting Gallery features work by Polish artists

By Sammie Stewart, Contributing Writer
On Wednesday, Feb. 14, the Nutting Gallery opened a new exhibit called “Fragmentation.” The exhibit features art by three Polish artists— Michalina Wawrzyczek- Klasik, Michal Klasik and Artur Masternak. 

The works in this opening were very interesting. They were simple, but still unique. My personal favorite was “Wreaths” by Michalina W. Klasik. It reminds me of art classes I had back in high school when we would work with splatter paint pieces. In fact, a lot of the pieces had a nostalgic aspect to them. They were almost childish in a way and made the viewers think of art they may have seen or even made themselves in the past.
The students that attended the opening reception seemed to enjoy it as well. “I really enjoyed looking at all the different works of art,” said freshman Lydia Betancourt. “All of them were like something I’ve never seen before, so I thought that added to the appeal for me. I can definitely see myself coming to more openings in the future.”  
I have to agree: this opening reception also made me want to appreciate the art in the Nutting Gallery more often. I think everyone should do the same, especially since every exhibit throughout the year is different. There is something for everyone. 
Art wasn’t always easy for the artists at this opening. “I feel like everybody can have a hard time thinking of what to create in any form of art,” said Artur Masternak. “This doesn’t make you any less of an artist though. It made me feel like my art was very appreciated when I got invited to be a part of this amazing experience.” The response to this opening was a very positive one, and it’s understandable why. 
This exhibit is something that anyone who enjoys art should take the time to go see. It is open from now until March 8. The gallery’s hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or by appointment. To make an appointment, you can contact Robert Villamagna at 304-639-0957 or [email protected] 
Photo Credit: Sammie Stewart