New housing options available for students next year

By Corey Riner, Contributing Writer

When thinking of the typical college environment, most people would immediately think of dorms as the go to for students. West Liberty University, however, continues to move past those expectations, as new housing options continue to arise as the semester moves forward. 

The university recently acquired an apartment building, sometimes referred to as the Dominos Apartments, and they are currently undergoing renovations for future students to live in.

Each of the apartments will serve as suites, consisting of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and complete furnishings for bedrooms (desk, desk chair, and bed), along with kitchen appliances (refrigerator, oven, and stove).

This is so important to the university that it intends to hold a contest for the students to come up with an appropriate name for the apartment building.

In addition to the new locations, some of the pre-existing dormitories are set to offer new options. Boyd and Rogers will continue to hold their status as designated singles dorms.

Curtis will now be added to that list as a premium designated singles dorm at a slightly higher rate, given the dorm has air conditioning.

While there have been multiple additions made to the housing opportunities, there are also expected losses. Many of the houses that were once associated with the Commons will no longer be included with student housing. Instead, the houses along Route 88, including the ones associated with Greek Life, will be the only options for the Commons.

When asked about her opinion on the new housing options, Executive Director of Housing & Student Life, Marcella Snyder stated, “We’re excited to continue offering new housing opportunities to the students, along with listening and adapting to the needs of the student body.”

For more information on the updated housing options, students can look on the housing website or contact Snyder at [email protected]

Photo Credit: Emily Salvatori