Nutting Gallery presents 6x6x6

By Jessica Broverman, Editor

On Jan. 21 West Liberty’s Nutting Gallery Art Faculty Exhibition entitled “6x6x6” hit the hilltop.  The exhibit featured Martyna Matusiak, Sarah Davis, Robert Villamagna, Lee Ann Thill, and Moonjung Kang amongst other artists.

Ceramic artist, Lambros Tsuhlares, stated his initial thoughts on the 6x6x6 exhibition. “My first thought when we were presented with the 6x6x6 theme was the mark of the beast. I think ‘Revelation’ is a very misunderstood book of the Bible, but I love the fantastic apocalyptic imagery,” said Tsuhlares. “So I included one piece for this exhibit. The piece is a ceramic chalice used by the Whore of Babylon. She drank the blood of the saints and martyrs, and fornicated with the kings and leaders of the earth.” This depiction can be better understood by reading Revelation 17:1 -6 entitled “Babylon, the Prostitute on the Beast”.  Amongst this specific piece there are ten other ceramic bowls that measure a 6x6x6 cube. All are different in accordance to types of glazes and styles of manipulation.

Other pieces that are on display include  Martyna Matusiak’s “Lifted” and “Mommy, it’s a mess”. Matusiak’s “Mommy, it’s a mess” caught my eye due to its usage of color. The primary colors of this pieces included blue, white, and black. The blue and white in several areas looked much like an x-ray photo, while another part of this piece was a dog with white paint dripping over its face. Sarah Davis took a special interest in bird’s nest for one of her creations within the gallery. “This piece began as a study in hand-made nest making. I’m in awe of how birds can make the most beautiful nests out of such simple materials by accessing genetic memory,” stated Davis about her display entitled “Nest: The DNA of Making”.

Another piece of art that received much attention was Lee Ann Thills “Otherization”. With this, she also provided the definition for the word otherization. “Process by which a dominant group perceives another group, The Other, as being different, whereas the former sees itself as the norm, and The Other as lacking characteristics possessed by the former, and thus inferior.” The artistry involved in Thills “Otherization” includes photos of Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, beagles being used in cigarette product experiments, Holocaust victims aboard a Nazi transport train, and pigs on a transport train on their way to a slaughterhouse. The list continues with more depictions of humans and animals being mistreated throughout history and it causes you to really think about how we treat each other as well as animals.

The Nutting Gallery will be presenting the 6x6x6 exhibition until Feb. 12 and it is open to the public. To learn more about upcoming events you can visit the Nutting Art Gallery website or you can visit Nutting Gallery at West Liberty University on Facebook.