Trumpet Solo: Tricia Conn

Compiled by Yijing Shen, Contributing Writer
West Liberty University student Tricia Conn has accepted a position with the Cleveland Cavaliers as Manager of Organizational Business Devolopement. She will graduate this year with degrees in Computer Information Systems and Sport Management.

Q: How did you feel when you first time knowing that you got the position?
A: I was really excited. They set up a phone call and I was just expecting to go over the details of the job more and maybe have them ask me some more questions or something. I wasn’t expecting them to offer me the job right then and there so I was really surprised.
Q: What made you decide to apply for this job or position?
A: Back in February, I went with Dr. Crow and some of the Sport Management department to a sports sales workshop in Cleveland, Ohio. That’s where I met the guys from the Cavs and found out about the open position. I expressed interest in the position and we exchanged contact information. I was only in contact with them for about a week before I was offered the job. I have always wanted to work full-time in a professional sports organization so this seemed like a perfect fit. 
Q: What do you most appreciate about WLU?
A: Being a transfer from the University of Pittsburgh, I really appreciate the small class sizes and student/professor ratio. I definitely think that, and having a really good advisor, helped me get to where I am. Having the opportunity to go to these types of conferences and connect with people form around the industry is amazing. 
Q: What do you think that helped you the most to get this job? 
A: I definitely think my previous experience is what helped me the most. I started as an intern for the Wheeling Nailers during the 2016-17 and then stayed on to work game nights with them for the 2017-18 season. Last semester, I got an internship with the Pittsburgh Penguins and then stayed on to work game nights with them after my internship ended, as well. I don’t believe I would have gotten this job had I not had the Penguins on my resume. And, I think the same is true that the Nailers helped me get the Penguins internship. Everything is a chain reaction. Don’t be afraid to start small. 
Q: Do you have any suggestions about for future graduating students?
A: Take advantage of every opportunity that’s presented because you never know where it could lead. Like I said, when I started working with the Nailers, I never imagined it would lead to this but it did – maybe not directly, but it did. 
Photo Credit: Gary E. West College of Business