Gaming Club focuses on student fun, relaxation

By Lex Buell, Contributing Writer
In the basement of Main Hall lies a fun-filled room full of board games, video games, comfy chairs, and a group of game-loving individuals. This cozy little room is home to WLU’s Gaming Club. On Tuesday nights, the club of around 15 members meet in room B8 at 7 p.m. for an enchanting night of games galore. 

When you walk into the room, you cannot help but notice their giant 6-foot-tall mascot, Oogie Boogie, that many might remember from the popular movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The bright green mascot was donated to them just like all the games they have acquired over the years. The Gaming Club used to be known as the RPG Club.
RPG means Role-Playing Game. They were founded about 10 years ago according to their members, and have recently changed their title to the Gaming Club in the past few years because they do so much more than just Role-Playing Games. 
There is a bookcase full of board games and card games in the far corner of the room.
Of these games, their favorite game to play is a game called “Suspend” which is very similar to Jenga, but involves color coated metal rods that you take turns meticulously hanging. Another game the group loves to play is a card game called Magic.
According to Vice President Stephen Dougherty, the group plays the game so much that people often mistake them for the “Magic Club” instead of the Gaming Club. Dougherty is a third-year broadcasting major and when asked about his favorite game to play, he said, “Coup, it’s a game where you find out who the best liar is.”
President Christopher Cronin said one of his favorite games to play is, “Super Smash Bros on the Wii U.” Cronin is a third year English writing and rhetoric major. 
The club has other board positions as well, including a secretary and a treasurer, but the group is a very laid-back when it comes to attendance. Cronin said that the club was, “All inclusive. There are no fees and no mandatory attendance.” 
Cronin also said, “We really just want students to come in, get comfortable, and take a load off.” 
There is no leader boards or over-the-top competitiveness. The group just loves to relax and enjoy their mutual love for gaming! They even hangout in their personal lounge during the week sometimes, eat snacks, and enjoy each other’s company. This club is very relaxed and member-oriented and is always accepting new members.
Cronin said, “We don’t mind if people just stop in every few weeks or so to come play games with us.” 
Not only are they fond of the thought of new members, but they are always taking game donations as well.
For more information on the Gaming Club, contact club President Christopher Cronin at [email protected]
Photo Credit: Lex Buell