Summer care: preventing sunburns, staying safe

By Ashley Cole, Contributing Writer

Now that nicer weather is upon us and many of us now have the time to spend outside, sunburns are a very real concern. Many students, now free of the burdens of classes and papers, love to spend time outside at the beach or doing other activities. Many forget or are not aware of proper skin care for the outdoors.

Sunburn is a real and dangerous concern. Even a slight sunburn can lead to some unpleasant time that takes away from summer fun. So, here are some great tips to avoid sunburn!

  • Sunscreen

One of the main ways to avoid a sunburn is to wear sunscreen. Always pay attention to the SPF number on the products, as this shows the level of protection that product can provide. Everyone skin is different and their SPF range will be too. The 30-50 SPF range is a good place to start.

  • Reapply!

While sunscreen is important, remembering to reapply is just as important! Skin oils, the weather and the activities of the user cause sunscreen to wear off. Reapplication is key to staying sunburn free. Again, everyone is different, but reapplying every 1-2 hours seems to be the best range.

  • Hats and Sunglasses

Hats and sunglasses keep the sun off of your head, neck and parts of your face. Wide brimmed hats are the best at protection. According to Arrowhead Health Centers, at least three inches in diameter is a good brim and when purchasing sunglasses, get ones that have 100% UV light blockage.

  • UV Clothing

Certain clothing materials provide better protection from the sun. According to the same article by Arrowood Health Center, tightly woven fabrics like denim have better protection. Lighter colored clothing also attracts less UV rays while darker colors draw them.

These tips should helps keep everyone outside enjoying the sun! For more tips in prevention and tips in dealing with sunburn, look here.