What to do when you can’t attend Comic Con

By Natasha Muhametzyanova, Contributing Writer

If you spend any time on social media, chances are your news feed blew up with pictures and headlines from San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Unless you are one of the lucky 130,000 attendees at this year’s convention, you can easily get lost in the abundance of SDCC news.

However, just because you couldn’t attend the convention doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun. Here are some ideas on how to keep your geek spirit lifted without that precious SDCC badge.

5. Keep up with the biggest announcements

It’s easy to get frustrated when the only news from the Comic Con you see are fan pictures with your favorite actors. However, not all SDCC events are that exclusive. Head over to YouTube to catch up on the newly released trailers for Aquaman, Dr. Who: Series 11, Titans and more.

4. Share that fan spirit

Dig up all your favorite graphic t-shirts and look fabulous! Remember that feeling of instant joy when you see a stranger wearing fan merch you like? Bring that sense of community to others. Your workplace or a local café might not be suitable for an elaborate cosplay, but that T’Challa t-shirt definitely will cheer up people around you.

3. Read, read, read!

Before there was the Arrowverse, Nolanverse and all other cinematic universes, there were comic books. Go back to the roots of the Comic Con and read a graphic novel; but this time, pick up something new. Instead of rereading The Killing Joke, learn more about the comics that never made it to the big or small screen or challenge yourself to read a story about a character you don’t think you would like.

2. Plan a trip to your next convention.

Yes, you couldn’t make it to SDCC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find that convention spirit elsewhere. Mobilize your friends and plan a trip to a convention near you. You can find a list of upcoming events here.

1. Pre-order the essentials

There comes the time when even such great movies as Infinity War have to leave the theaters. That is disappointing, but it doesn’t have to be the end. Get your own copy of Avengers: Infinity War to bawl your eyes out whenever you feel like it. Also don’t forget about Deadpool 2 (Super Duper Cut) and the new DC Universe streaming service membership.

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Photo Credit: Natasha Muhametzyanova