New gallery exhibits collaboration between sisters

By Tyler Huggins, Contributing Writer
On Wednesday, Aug. 29, the hilltop’s own Nutting Gallery began hosting an exhibition called “Piece by Piece” by two sisters Sarah Davis and Lisa Parker. The show displayed several beautiful pieces of work that showed what happens when quilting meets the digital arts. 

When asked about the process of putting together the collaboration, Davis and Parker said that, “The vision matches what happened.” Both artists said they were excited about the start of the gallery and showed great confidence in their work. 
When asked about their collaboration, the two said that they were glad to be working together. The two different art styles coming together made for a beautiful event that displayed an abundance of color and design. Davis is a graphic designer and Parker is a modern quilter. They describe this collaboration as a “mash-up of modern quilting, digital design, and craft.”
Davis, who is also a visual communication design professor at West Liberty University, had a lot to share about her new experiences with textiles and quilting, saying that there were some differences compared to her usual work. 
One of the main differences she stated was scale. When asked about how scale played a role, she said that she is “so used to working at a faster pace with posters” and that the work “slowed down quite a bit” due to the size and time needed to achieve that. Although it took extra time, Davis says that it “made [her] appreciate it more.” 
Parker, who is an accountant, said that art was always a hobby, but it has become “more of a passion” the more she gets into it. She said the experience taught her that she “has the patience for certain things and not others,” and that designing fabric was a lot more complex than she thought.
Even though they both ventured into somewhat unfamiliar territories when it comes to art, it was a home run. Both artists displayed amazing work with their newfound talents and hope to do it again soon.
The opening had a phenomenal outcome. Students, professors, and even President Dr. Stephen Greiner arrived at the opening to see the beautiful displays of art. 
The gallery is a must-see, and it really shows the sisterly love that has brought two different styles of art together for a fantastic experience. 
For those wishing to see it, the gallery will be open to the public until Sept. 20 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 
Photo Gallery by Tyler Huggins: