WLU SGA leaders look forward to new year, new senators

By Jalyn Bolyard, Online Editor
West Liberty University’s Student Government Association (SGA) will be holding elections to elect new Senators on Wednesday, Sept. 26. 
Voting will take place online this semester. On election day, an email will be sent to all students with a voting link. For secure voting, students must vote using their student ID. 

The new Senators will help serve as voices for students and organizations on campus. Each year, SGA helps organizations and clubs with planning events while also coordinating their own SGA-sponsored events, like hosting last spring semester’s SGA Day or coordinating Homecoming events. 
SGA leaders are looking forward to the new school year. 
“The biggest thing I am looking forward to is working with clubs, organizations, and individual students to bring what they would like to see to campus,” said Zach Rhodes, SGA President. “Over the past year or two, more and more organizations have started working together on projects and events, and that has led to bigger and better events. I hope to continue pushing for this and getting SGA more involved in planning events like the ‘SGA day’ carnival day we had at the end of last year.”
“I am looking forward to connecting with students and getting to know their wants and needs. My job is help organizations on campus in any way I can as well as to help plan big events like Homecoming,” said Anna Malone, SGA Vice President. This year, Homecoming will take place on Oct. 20.
Although SGA hosts their own events and helps other clubs and organizations with funding, Rhodes wants students to remember SGA is also a voice for students regarding university decisions. 
“I sit on the Board of Governors, there are committees we can talk to, and just our overall influence could lead to significant changes to the campus if we get enough student involvement. I hope students can feel comfortable coming up to someone on SGA and discussing their ideas,” said Rhodes. 
SGA holds meetings every Tuesday at 9 p.m. in the Alumni Room in the Student Union. 
Students are welcome to come to a meeting to share their ideas. Students can also get ahold of SGA leaders by emailing [email protected] 
“Our meetings can seem intimidating to those who have never been to one because of our meeting process,” said Rhodes. “However, we are all very laid back and are eager to hear ideas.”
“Student Government is here to be the voice of the students! We really would love for students to bring us their big ideas so that we can work together on how to make them a reality,” said Malone.
Students can also reach out to SGA about any issues or feedback they have regarding campus life through SGA’s Twitter page, @SGA_WLU
“If you are experiencing an issue, or would like to see something changed, chances are you are not the only one,” said Rhodes. “However, we cannot do much about it if no one shares it with SGA. We can at the very least get you pointed in the right direction to solve an issue you may have!”
Photo Credit: Emily Salvatori