Pickles West Liberty to open before Homecoming

By Yijing Shen, Distribution Manager
The restaurant Pickles Eatery & Bar will be opening a second location, Pickles West Liberty, later this month. The restaurant is located at 269 Roadworthy Drive, West Liberty, W. Va, formerly the location of G-Top.

The Pickles Eatery & Bar is a family-run bar restaurant located in Wheeling.  The owner, Bobby Rys, and his sister Lacey Santorine, General Manager of Pickles West Liberty, are preparing and organizing  an incredible opening to the community before West Liberty University’s Homecoming.
“We will open Pickles West Liberty soon. I can’t guarantee a day, but it will be definitely before the Homecoming event,” said Rys. “The main thing holding us back right now is the liquor license. The other thing is, there is no rush. We are going to open it well. We are not going to open until we will be, because we have respect for what we do, we provide a good experience.”
Pickles serves classic American bar food. Fresh ingredients and a unique menu are the main components that keep loyal customers. Their deep fried pickles and chicken wings are the most popular items.  
Pickles’ goal is to make their food well and with heart.
“Instead of the frozen chicken tenders, we make captain crunch chicken tenders,” said Santorine. “People love the deep fried pickles. The deep fried pickles cooked with beer batter then you dip in vinegar or ranch dressing. Also, our chicken wings are always the best seller. We have two wings nights a week in Wheeling. 60 cents a wing, and they come from a local butcher.”
Pickles maintains a good relationship with West Liberty University and would like to work with WLU’s clubs and organizations. 
“We will work with student organizations every chance we can. There is a good chance that women’s basketball team is going to come as celebrity servers, all the tips they make are going to their organization,” said Rys. “We are happy and we would love to work something out for students’ fundraisers or if they want to host a party here.”
Santorine is a West Liberty alumna. She graduated with a degree in Business Management in West Liberty University, and still has ties to the university and its alumni.
Pickles West Liberty is hiring, and positions are open for the whole community. Students are  welcomed to have an interview with Rys and Santorine.
For more updates, please follow the Facebook page at Pickles West Liberty and their Instagram account at Pickles West Liberty.  
Photo Credit: Yijing Shen