Trumpet Solo: Kate Billings

Compiled by Ashley Cole, Contributing Writer
Kate Billings is the Director of Student Activities and the Title IX Coordinator. Billings has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Consulting/Leadership degree from Binghamton University (N.Y.). She is originally from Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Prior to joining the staff at West Liberty University, she worked in sports management and merchandising.

Q:  What do you do around campus?
A: I am the Director of Student Activities.  That means I plan campus events and help run events and coordinate with clubs and organizations on campus. I work with the Housing Office on events and with their RA training programs. I also help run the Commuter Lounge in the 2nd floor in the College Union. I also run the intramural sport teams and the Health and Wellness Programs and their activities, such as the personal training program. I also coordinate fitness classes. I also oversee Greek Life and the Greek organizations. I am the Title IX Coordinator. That means I am in charge of the education in sexual assault/harassment for the students, staff and faculty here at West Liberty.  I also help write and execute the policy in these matters. I also am a part of the Diversity and Sustainability Committees. 
Q: How do you feel about taking on so many roles?
A: I enjoy it! It is so much fun to meet people such as students and staff through the different areas and departments on campus. Each activity and programs draw different students so I am constantly meeting new people. I enjoy guiding the students to be better leaders through my positions. I also learn so much from them and they learn from me – it is a great cycle to be a a part of. I get to expand student life and see the students and organization grow and I enjoy my roles in that process. 
Q: What do you like most about working at West Liberty? 
A: This is my 5th year here at West Liberty in January and what I like most is the family atmosphere. I am invited to weddings of students who have graduated and I see them go to grad or PA school, so I get to be a big part of their lives and they become part of mine.  I get to go from guiding them to see them become successful. I am thankful for that. The atmosphere is just so amazing and supportive here.  Some of the RAs I work with and the students call me mom. The Greek organizations always help me so much. My family is still in New York and so finding a second family here has been so wonderful. 
Q: What are your goals for this year?
A: This is my first year as Title IX Coordinator so I am really focusing on that. Building more resources and increasing education in that area.  Help put more procedures in place for documenting and guidance, and expand the way we offers these things as we have more Grad Positions available to help with this and to grow. Design and implement more weekend programming. Just increasing awareness and comfort for students to access the resources. 
Q: How did you come to have so many positions?
A: I like to keep busy and to have a challenge, so part if it was natural. But it was also being in the right place at the right time. I also love to help people and I have the drive to do it, which was why I left sports to come here. But some things were a natural fit. When they needed someone for intramural, I said I wanted it and it has been a good fit under Student Activities.  I was an investigator for Title IX and when the previous coordinator retired, I took the position to help the students. I wanted to bring the success of Student Life and Activities to other areas. 
Photo Credit: Ashley Cole