Literacy council encourages reading, starts lending library

By Macy Santicola, Advertising Manager
The West Liberty University Literacy Council is a new group on campus, started just last year by Assistant Professor of Teacher Education Angela Curfman

Curfman has been a member of the West Virginia Reading Association and the International Literacy Association for years. Upon her arrival to WLU last year, Curfman sought to establish a presence of literacy advocates on the hilltop. 
The council is still in its infancy and currently only has five members. Despite being in its early stages, the council has already established a lending library that is located in the lounge on the third floor of Main Hall in the education department
“Our first mission was to make our presence known, so we decided that the lending library was a really good place to start,” said Curfman. “It was something that we could start without funds, and we could help establish a community of reading and love of literacy here on campus. It was also a way we could give back to the community.” 
“Give one, take one” is the motto, and Curfman said she hoped their first step would help spread a love of reading across campus. The Literacy Council also has plans to take that motto into local schools.
“We would bring our lending library into the schools and into the hands of children that may be not able to have [access to books].”
The council is looking forward to creating a partnership with the locals schools in order to carry out their plan. Curfman said book ownership is an important part of encouraging reading, “When a child has their own book there is a sense of pride, of ownership, and of excitement.”
Gabrielle Burriss is a senior elementary education major at WLU, and she is also a member of the Literacy Council. Burriss was introduced to the Literacy Council when it was started last year, and was interested in its mission.
“I struggled as a reader throughout the majority of my life,” said Burriss. “I’ve learned to overcome my obstacles, and I’m an avid reader now with less hurdles to jump. It’s important to me as an educator, student, and member of society to keep up with literacy.” 
The Literacy Council is currently accepting more members and hopes to continue working toward making a presence on campus and in the local community, promoting reading to all ages.
Students, faculty and staff are also welcome to make donations to the lending library located in Main Hall.
Photo Credit: Macy Santicola