Student ambassadors give much more than simple tours

By Ashley Cole, Contributing Writer
Students ambassadors are a common sight on West Liberty University’s campus. You may see them as they give tours to prospective students in large and small groups. It is likely a student ambassador gave you a tour when you were a prospective student. They could even be the reason someone chooses WLU. Student ambassadors do quite a lot for the school. 

The Office of Admissions, chooses and manages the ambassadors, is very proud of them. 
“The Ambassadors are a vital part of the Admissions Team here at West Liberty. We have over 1500 prospective students that visit campus every year. The ambassadors not only show the campus but they share their student experience with prospective students and their families,” said Brenda King, Director of Admissions and Recruitment. “Students visit campus for several reasons; to see the actual campus, to meet with faculty about their majors, possibly talk with coaches, and/or staff, but students also want to meet and talk with current students and the ambassadors have an important role in connecting with the students.”
Student ambassadors are chosen through an application process.
King said, “In February/March students wanting to become an ambassador can apply. We require them to submit an application and an essay.  From the submitted applications we select candidates to be interviewed. We typically have 5-6 positions open each year to fill.”
Student ambassadors have many duties as a part of their job. King said, “They help with our Campus Visitation Program.  This includes our individual visits, all admissions events such as Black & Gold Days and Open Houses, and group visits (such as high school visits).”
“Campus tours are a big part of their duties but they also help with the setup of programs and serve on student panels to share with prospective students what is like to be a student here and to answer questions,” she said.
Student ambassadors play an important role in the admissions process.
The Admissions Event Coordinator, Michelle Filberto, supervises and trains the WLU student ambassadors.
Calesha Williamson, a current student ambassador and a junior elementary education major, said, “I knew I wanted to be an ambassador when I went on my tour here. My tour guide greatly influenced my decision. She showed me the campus, told me about the great activities and took me to meet amazing professors in the psychology department. I became an ambassador because I wanted to have to opportunity to impact others the way I was impacted.” 
“I love being an ambassador. I meet a lot of people and learn a lot of things from them. I come into contact with so many different personalities,” said Williamson. “Every tour we give is unique and I always take something back from it. It is very rewarding. Seeing students come here that I gave a tour to brings a smile to my face. I’ve met some great people giving tours and I call some of them friends I am so blessed.  Being an ambassador is something I never get tired of. I love my job.”  
Student ambassadors do a lot of work for WLU and bring so many students to the hilltop who make it their home.
Photo Provided By: Brenda King