‘Dear Evan Hansen’ inspires readers, audiences

By Hanna Perry, Contributing Writer
I recently read the novel Dear Evan Hansen, written by Val Emmich. The novel is based off of the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen and it was truly groundbreaking from start to finish. I would consider it to be one of the greatest books I have ever read. 
Not only have I read the book, but I also had the opportunity to see the musical performed on stage by the original Broadway cast in February of 2017. What made this novel different from the other novels that I have read was that the main character, Evan Hansen, is relatable to many teens everywhere. 
Even though Dear Evan Hansen tells the story about a teenager suffering from anxiety, it truly captivated audiences around the world, because everybody in today’s society is surrounded by negative things that are posted daily on social media. 
Now I know what you are probably thinking: “I hate musicals, so why should I even bother to read this book?” The answer to that question is more simple than you would think since this novel actually tells a story that everyone from all walks of life can relate to.  
Dear Evan Hansen is about a high school senior named Evan who goes from being a nobody to being a social media superstar after a chance encounter with Connor, a fellow high schooler, prior to Connor’s death. Connor’s death leads others to believe that Evan was his only friend.
David Arnold, a New York Times bestselling author, said of the story, “Today is going to be an amazing day, and here’s why: because you’re holding this book. The exact opposite of meh, Dear Evan Hansen is a powerful exploration of grief and depression and the many ways we’re present (or not) for those around us without always knowing it.” 
If you aren’t familiar with the musical at all, or if for some reason you don’t like musicals, then this book might change your opinion completely. 
Everything about the musical Dear Evan Hansen has captivated people everywhere because of the story it tells. From the music to the story told within the novel, everything about this musical truly captivates everyone.
One of my favorite moments in the show was when they sang a song entitled “You Will Be Found,” because the song is very inspiring. One line in the song that stood out to me was one that states, “You are not alone,” because no matter who you are, there are always people that care about you. 
Dear Evan Hansen has changed the lives of so many people which is why I personally believe that more people should read this book.
Even though Dear Evan Hansen revolves around the story of what happens after a teen commits suicide, it truly captures the essence of why the people that love you the most are always going to be there for you even if you don’t feel like they are. 
Dear Evan Hansen was the most inspiring musicals that I have ever seen and I wish that more people knew about it because it has changed so many lives due to how relatable it is. The story’s material is a little heavy at times, and some people may not be able to handle it, but it is important subject matter. 
It is respectful of the way it approaches these topics and how the characters respond to them, plus any experiences the reader and/or audience may have gone through themselves.
If you or someone you know want to read a great book then you should check out the novel Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich because you will not be disappointed if you decide to read it.
Photo Credit: Book cover by Little, Brown Books