Sleep On It finally release a new album, “Pride & Disaster”

Sammie Stewart and Sammie Stewart

On September 13th, pop punk band Sleep On It dropped their second studio album, “Pride & Disaster“. Their first album, ‘Overexposed”, was a huge hit, and I personally loved it. 

“Pride & Disaster” contains ten songs and is about 32 minutes long. This is a good length for an album: not too short, and not too long. It’s just right. Let’s get into the critique of the songs, though: there isn’t a single “bad” song on this album, per say. Yes, I enjoy some songs more than others, however, I don’t particularly think any of these songs are bad.

Speaking of songs I like more than others, let’s go over my favorite songs on this record. I have two favorites: “Babe Ruth” and “Fix the Dark”. I liked “Babe Ruth” right away. It really caught my attention and I instantly saved it to my Spotify playlist. “Fix the Dark”, however, was a different story. It took me a few listens to like this song, but eventually, it grew on me.

With favorite songs, however, comes at least one least favorite song. This was very hard to pick out, since none of these songs are particularly bad. However, I do have two that didn’t catch my attention as much as the others did. These two songs are “Take Me Back” and “The Cycle of Always Leaving”. Like I stated earlier, I don’t hate these songs by any means. They just didn’t get me as excited as the other songs.

Out of 5 stars, I would give this album a fair 3.5 stars. All the songs on this album are at least good, but some are better than others. I highly recommend checking out this album, especially if you dabble with pop punk music. Don’t sleep on Sleep On It, go give them your love and support!

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