IT Chapter 2 Offers a Thrilling Experience

Haley Blakemore and Haley Blakemore

IT Chapter 2” is a thrilling experience. This movie is almost 3 hours, but not a minute of it was dull. It is a dark movie that both made me scream and laugh out loud. Stephen King’s old fashion way of scaring the audience is brought together beautifully, hitting you with fear at every turn. The visual effects are startlingly realistic and snare you into the story. There were flashbacks throughout the movie, going back to when the losers where kids. They did this in a very smooth transition that didn’t take me out of the fantasy. The ending was brilliant and wrapped everything up in a way that couldn’t have been made better. I would recommend this movie to anyone who isn’t too skittish and anyone who is a lover of classic horror films.

Photo Credit: IMDB