Ambassadors answer questions, guide tours, and more

Lindsay Dowdle

            West Liberty University Student Ambassadors play a very important role for our University. The student ambassadors provide the initial impression of West Liberty by not only giving the first tour but possibly the first interaction a potential student might have with our campus. Michelle Filberto, WLU Admissions Event Coordinator said, “Student Ambassadors are so important to WLU because they showcase all that we have to offer as a university and share their experiences with prospective students and their families. They are a vital part of the Admissions team!”

            West Liberty currently has 19 Undergraduate Student Ambassadors and 1 Masters Student Ambassador. The Ambassadors are involved in a wide variety of clubs and organizations and also have very diverse majors. Olivia Baumhoer, student ambassador said, “Being a student ambassador is an extremely honoring experience because you get to learn so much about the campus and the different majors and opportunities West Liberty provides.” The student ambassador’s responsibilities are to give tours to perspective students, assist with admissions events such as Black and Gold Days, Open Houses, and group visits such as high schools, middle & elementary schools.  Filberto said, “We offer tours Monday-Friday every hour from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters, and three days a week in summer.”

            The ambassadors also give a lot of tours to potential students every year.  Filberto said, “Last year, we had over 400 campus tours, not including our admissions events or group visits. The total of prospective students on campus last year was over 1,900 with individual tours, admissions events & group visits.” Tours are an essential part of recruiting potential students to come to West Liberty.

            The student ambassador program started in 2009. West Liberty has had the student ambassadors program for several years now. “I’m very thankful to work with our wonderful students and appreciate all they do,” said Filberto. 

            The student ambassadors are definitely a crucial part of recruiting potential students to come to West Liberty and they continue to help the university grow. “We help show the student’s the campus, but also give them a glimpse of what the people at West Liberty are like and try to give them a welcoming feeling,” said Baumhoer.

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Photo Credit: Michelle Filberto