Prog Rock Deep Cuts Radio Show

By Katie Ralbusky, Online Editor

Student Ian Beabout has accomplished many things. He has aided the Trumpet Online with social media but has a radio show of his own. It is called Prog Rock Deep Cuts and airs on Thursdays from 7-10 PM EST on Archived shows are also available for listeners on

Ian states that, “The main idea behind Prog Rock Deep Cuts is to celebrate the history of what is known as ‘progressive rock’, as well as look to its present condition and hopefully even into the future. The origins are hotly debated (as is the definition), but Progressive Rock was initially a phenomenon that happened in the late 60s and early 70s and can be traced as a product of the radical thinking in all artistic mediums that came directly out of the post hippie era. For me, the heart of progressive rock is the blending of musical genres to create something different. Call it fusion, call it whatever, but progressive music (or at least the good stuff) has always got one foot toward the future of music. Experimentation, too, is an important factor and the desire to do something ‘more’ with the genre.”

Ian also went on to explain how, “you sort of have these two camps of so called progressive rockers. You have what’s known as Neo prog, which seems to want to recreate the sounds of the past, and you have avant progressive or Rock in Opposition, who want to continue moving forward in terms of sound and vision.”

With that thought in mind Ian and his show thrive on the journey itself and that boredom is a common enemy. Listeners can tune into his show and hear music anywhere from a pop tune to brutal metal and everything in between.

He is not doing this alone but with a fellow music lover named Mike Lieto from NYC. He has also had cohosts from Canada, Sweden, and even Bosnia.

Personally, Ian has a long history in radio. He started off with a radio show at Wheeling Park High School for two years. He also had a semester at WGLZ. Ian has hosted internet shows since July of 2013. In total he has produced 70 three hour shows, plus two specials, and has worked at and Go and give him a listen.