Snow Day Tips

By Tara Adamczyk, Advertising Manger

During the winter months, every student hopes of waking up the next morning and seeing that classes are on a two-hour delay or even cancelled for the day. Being that West Liberty University is on a hilltop and it is hard to get away during a snowstorm, here are some suggestions on how to spend your free day off.


  1. Movies, popcorn, and PJs. What better way to spend a Snow Day then by not even bothering to get dressed, popping that popcorn that’s been in your room since August, and watching movies all day. If you’re tired of watching the same movies, look up new ones on Netflix and Hulu. Amazon also lets you rent movies through there instant video.


  1. Catch up on assignments. Although a snow day is supposed to be a day away from school. There is nothing wrong with spending your extra time getting started on that assignment you have been dreading. Catching up on assignments may not be an ideal way to spend a snow day but it is a smart one.


  1. Sled riding. Sled riding is tradition when it snows. The best place to sled ride at WLU is by the cemetery behind Hughes Hall. It’s also a great way to burn off some of those extra calories.


  1. Pizza Party. Get some friends together, order a pizza, and binge watch “Friends” on Netflix. You can’t feel guilty for doing nothing if you aren’t doing it alone.


  1. Spend the day cleaning your dorm room. Spend the snow day cleaning up. Do your laundry, vacuum the rug, wash the dishes. You have time and let’s face it, it needs to be done at some point.


A snow day can be spent doing a number of things. These are just a few suggestions to get you started on your unplanned free day.