WLU’s 2015 International Food Festival

By Jin Zhang, Contributing Writer

West Liberty University’s sixth International Food festival kicked off on Monday, April 13 in the College Union Ballroom. More than 200 attendees stopped by the Union to have a taste of dishes from all over the globe for just $1.00 a serving. The annual International Food Festival is one of the many events that are shared by the International Students Office and International Student Club during the academic year. This event is sponsored by the International Student Office, SGA and the WV Higher Education Policy. This is a great way to taste different cultures and meet the International student body.

There were 13 different types of food from all over the world at this event. Some dishes included food from Congo, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Tunisia, Nepal, Pakistan, Albania and Spain. Thirty students took part in putting together and creating this event.

International Students Advisor, Mihaela Szabo, International Students Adviser, thinks highly of the International Food Festival. “It provides a unique opportunity for our community to explore and enjoy various cuisines from around the world, to learn how these dishes were made and their cultural significance. Food is at the core of each culture, and our international students look forward to prepare samples of their favorite traditional dishes to proudly share with each one of us,” said Szabo. She also says, “This year’s International Food Festival was a great success. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was festive, and the free samples we had available for the attendees, were so well received by our students, who were able to try all the featured dishes before deciding their favorites. Everybody looked so excited to attend , try all the foods and to engage in conversations with the international students that have prepared the dishes.”

Jasmin Ilovar, former International Students Activity Coordinator, said “The International Food Festival is becoming a West Liberty University tradition. Not only is it one of our biggest festivals, it is also very well attended and always successful. The opportunity this festival gives to our international students to share their culture through food is imperative in West Liberty University’s efforts towards diversifying our campus. The food, while always delicious, serves as a gateway to opening communication between cultures.”

Joshua Taylor, coordinator of activities for I-Club, said “International Food Festival is a fantastic event for food lovers of all kinds. The International Office and the students all work quite hard, and some extremely delicious, exotic cuisine is presented to the students living on the hilltop.”

For more details on the International Food Festival, please contact Mihaela Szabo at [email protected] for more information.